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Robert Thomas Pollock "Tom" GAMMEL (RIN: 02146), son of C.H. Harrison GAMMEL and Martha Elizabeth OAKS , was born 25 October 1874. He married Mary Ollie MARKLE 1891. He died 15 February 1937 in Tennessee, USA. Mary Ollie MARKLE (RIN: 02147), daughter of Will MARKLE and Emiline MILLER , was born 18 July 1862 in Mississippi, USA. She died November 1935 in Tennessee, USA.

Children of Robert Thomas Pollock "Tom" GAMMEL and Mary Ollie MARKLE are:
1. Edward Miller GAMMEL (RIN: 02155), b. 1904
2. Georgia L GAMMEL (RIN: 02150), b. May 1897
3. John Hillia GAMMEL (RIN: 00990), b. 26 May 1896 See John Hillia GAMMEL & Euphie Mae HOUSTON
4. Martha B GAMMEL (RIN: 02151), b. March 1900
5. Mary GAMMEL (RIN: 03253), b. 1908
6. Mary D GAMMEL (RIN: 03255), b. 1902
7. Nalles GAMMEL (RIN: 03254), b. 1904
8. Pearl L GAMMEL (RIN: 02148), b. January 1893
9. Robert Thomas GAMMEL (RIN: 02153), b. 14 February 1902 See Robert Thomas GAMMEL & Ethel Christine DAVIDSON
10. William H GAMMEL (RIN: 02149), b. 06 September 1894

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