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Dabney Daniel STOREY (RIN: 02183) was born 08 April 1894. He married Inez W GAMMEL 02 December 1917. He died 30 December 1973 in Catoosa, Georgia, USA. Inez W GAMMEL (RIN: 02171), daughter of Colonel Havus GAMMEL and Rosa Lee BASDEN , was born 10 June 1897 in Alcorn, Mississippi, USA. She died July 1978 in Mississippi, USA.

Children of Dabney Daniel STOREY and Inez W GAMMEL are:
1. Cecil Clyde STOREY (RIN: 02187), b. 11 April 1932
2. Hazel Nadine STOREY (RIN: 02184), b. 29 June 1925 See Charles Leroy KESSLER & Hazel Nadine STOREY
3. Paul Walker STOREY (RIN: 02188), b. 16 January 1936

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