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Samuel Wesley STACKS (RIN: 02321) was born 28 January 1867 in Mississippi, USA. He married Lydia GAMMEL 19 January 1890 in Grant, Arkansas, USA. He died 22 June 1925 in Arkansas, USA. Lydia GAMMEL (RIN: 02320), daughter of Stephen Pate GAMMEL and N Jane "Jennie" DEAN , was born 14 April 1878 in Grant, Arkansas, USA. She died 21 April 1901 in Grant, Arkansas, USA.

Children of Samuel Wesley STACKS and Lydia GAMMEL are:
1. Arie Lula STACKS (RIN: 02324), b. 08 June 1893
2. Jennie STACKS (RIN: 02322), b. 27 December 1890
3. Nellie L STACKS (RIN: 02323), b. 10 July 1892

Notes for Samuel Wesley STACKS:

Notes for Lydia GAMMEL:

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Notes for Jennie STACKS:

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