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Alvis MEDLIN (RIN: 02427) was born 06 October 1906 in Mississippi, USA. He died 20 January 1969 in Union, Mississippi, USA. Gladys Lucille ELDER (RIN: 02426), daughter of Luther Dillard ELDER and Cora C REED , was born 21 October 1914 in Union, Mississippi, USA. She died 06 March 1983 in Union, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Alvis MEDLIN and Gladys Lucille ELDER are:
1. Flossie Mae MEDLIN (RIN: 02428) See PANNELL & Flossie Mae MEDLIN
2. Houston William MEDLIN (RIN: 02431)
3. James Albert MEDLIN (RIN: 02432)
4. Joseph Flautt MEDLIN (RIN: 02434)
5. Robert Dearl MEDLIN (RIN: 02433)

Notes for Alvis MEDLIN:

Notes for Gladys Lucille ELDER: