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Jesse Mclellan HUSTON (RIN: 02925), son of Jesse HUSTON and Mary Jane HECKENDORN , was born 1865 in Williams, Ohio, USA. He married Millie Elizabeth STONE 26 June 1900 in Stark, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA. He died 13 December 1965 in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, USA. Millie Elizabeth STONE (RIN: 02926) was born 1878 in Stark, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA. She died 1945 in La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA.

Children of Jesse Mclellan HUSTON and Millie Elizabeth STONE are:
1. Esther Elizabeth HUSTON (RIN: 02929), b. 03 March 1911
2. Gale HUSTON (RIN: 02932), b. 02 November 1918
3. Leo HUSTON (RIN: 02933), b. 14 December 1921
4. Mary HUSTON (RIN: 02928), b. 07 August 1905
5. Olive HUSTON (RIN: 02931), b. 1917
6. Ruth Jeanette HUSTON (RIN: 02923), b. 30 March 1903 See Vincenzo BARBERA & Ruth Jeanette HUSTON OR Hazael WILSON & Ruth Jeanette HUSTON
7. Theresa M HUSTON (RIN: 02927), b. 18 July 1901
8. Walter A HUSTON (RIN: 02930), b. 1914

Other Marriages/Unions for Jesse Mclellan HUSTON:
See Jesse Mclellan HUSTON & Maude COWAN

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