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Thomas EATMON (RIN: 02987) was born 1697 in York, Virginia, USA. He died 1770 in Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA. FRANCES (RIN: 02988) was born 1723 in Virginia, USA. She died in Nash, North Carolina, USA.

Children of Thomas EATMON and FRANCES are:
1. Charity EATMON (RIN: 02992), b. 1758
2. Charles EATMON (RIN: 02990), b. 1752
3. Henry EATMON (RIN: 02991), b. 1753
4. John EATMON (RIN: 02989), b. 1750
5. Theophilus EATMON (RIN: 02993), b. 1765
6. Thomas EATMON (RIN: 02977), b. 1755 See Thomas EATMON & Celah BAILEY

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