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Henry Henderson EATMON (RIN: 02996), son of William Labon EATMON and Temprance HOGG , was born February 1841 in Tennessee, USA. He married Martha Carolyn MCBRIDE 1869 in Newton, Baker, Georgia, USA. He died 18 March 1909 in Atlus, Greer, Oklahoma, USA. Martha Carolyn MCBRIDE (RIN: 02997) was born 04 March 1838 in Snapping Shoals, Gerogia, USA. She died 05 August 1921 in Altus, Greer, Oklahoma, USA.

Children of Henry Henderson EATMON and Martha Carolyn MCBRIDE are:
1. James Monroe EATMON (RIN: 02999), b. 1874
2. Phillip Odel EATMON (RIN: 03001), b. 30 May 1882
3. Richard Alfred EATMON (RIN: 02998), b. 1870
4. Sarah Sallie Ann EATMON (RIN: 03000), b. 05 September 1877
5. Walter Scott EATMON (RIN: 03002), b. 08 August 1883

Notes for Henry Henderson EATMON:

Notes for Martha Carolyn MCBRIDE:

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