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James WARD (RIN: 03054), son of Absalom B WARD and Mary Abby CLARK , was born 1846 in Arkansas, USA. Sarah MANLEY (RIN: 03055) was born 1850 in Roane, Tennessee, USA.

Children of James WARD and Sarah MANLEY are:
1. Lewis C WARD (RIN: 03046), b. 13 July 1876 See Lewis C WARD & Sarah Adeline MITCHELL
2. Mary Ella WARD (RIN: 03062), b. 27 October 1869
3. Nancy WARD (RIN: 03063), b. 1871
4. Oliver F WARD (RIN: 03058), b. April 1860 See Oliver F WARD & AMELIA

Notes for James WARD:

Notes for Sarah MANLEY:

Notes for Mary Ella WARD:

Notes for Nancy WARD: