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Sam RHEA (RIN: 03166), son of Singleton RHEA and Mary HENRY , was born 1836 in Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina, USA. He died 1893 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Tercey Malinda CHAMBERS (RIN: 03167), daughter of Joseph S CHAMBERS and Jane C WEAVER , was born 24 December 1839 in Habersham, Georgia, USA. She died 15 June 1917 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Sam RHEA and Tercey Malinda CHAMBERS are:
1. John Mitchell RHEA (RIN: 03158), b. 17 May 1868 See John Mitchell RHEA & Eliza Margaret "Lizzie" CREASIE

Notes for Sam RHEA:

Notes for Tercey Malinda CHAMBERS: