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James David RHEA, Sr (RIN: 03384), son of William Tommy "Bully" RHEA and Pearline "Dump" SKELTON , . He died 13 July 1957. Lucile BOUNDS (RIN: 03385).

Children of James David RHEA, Sr and Lucile BOUNDS are:
1. James David RHEA (RIN: 03831) See James David RHEA, Jr & Barbara Aileen SHAW
2. Patricia Ann RHEA (RIN: 03383) See Leon SKELTON & Patricia Ann RHEA
3. Travis Eugene RHEA (RIN: 05834) See Travis Eugene RHEA & Debra PLUNK
4. William David RHEA (RIN: 05828) See William David RHEA & Patrice JONES OR William David RHEA & Brenda BOWERS

Notes for James David RHEA, Sr: