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Howard V BYRD (RIN: 03441), son of Elliott Alex "Aleck" BYRD and Beulah M ALLEN , was born 1928. He died 1966. Clara Odell RHEA (RIN: 03442), daughter of Joseph RHEA and Fannie Gertrude FEATHERS , was born 07 March 1930. She died 26 November 1983.

Children of Howard V BYRD and Clara Odell RHEA are:
1. Alex Vinson "Doolie" BYRD (RIN: 03458) See Alex Vinson "Doolie" BYRD & Kathy BATES OR Alex Vinson "Doolie" BYRD & Tonya Jane PANNELL
2. Dwight Tom BYRD (RIN: 03443), b. 02 July 1953 See Dwight Tom BYRD & Sandra Kay DAVIS OR Dwight Tom BYRD & GAIL
3. James Howard "Jabo" BYRD (RIN: 03457), b. 1948
4. Joyce Polly BYRD (RIN: 03453) See Larry CARPENTER & Joyce Polly BYRD
5. Tim BYRD (RIN: 03466) See Tim BYRD & Vickie CHURCHHILL

Notes for Howard V BYRD:

Notes for Clara Odell RHEA:

Notes for James Howard "Jabo" BYRD: