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Lawrence Vinson "Tony" PANNELL (RIN: 03461), son of Lawrence Vinson PANNELL and Annie Lorene YEAGER , . He died 23 May 2005 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Sarah ANDERSON (RIN: 03462), daughter of Clarence ANDERSON and Miriam Agusta EDWARDS , .

Children of Lawrence Vinson "Tony" PANNELL and Sarah ANDERSON are:
1. Rodney Wayne PANNELL (RIN: 04896) See Rodney Wayne PANNELL & Gail YOUNG
2. Tammy Renee PANNELL (RIN: 04900) See Kirk MORRIS & Tammy Renee PANNELL OR Mike HALEY & Tammy Renee PANNELL
3. Tonya Jane PANNELL (RIN: 03460) See Alex Vinson "Doolie" BYRD & Tonya Jane PANNELL OR Bertram JACKSON & Tonya Jane PANNELL

Other Marriages/Unions for Lawrence Vinson "Tony" PANNELL:
See Lawrence Vinson "Tony" PANNELL & Cora Edna MORGAN

Other Marriages/Unions for Sarah ANDERSON:
See John L "Pop Cycle" ALLEN, Jr & Sarah ANDERSON

Notes for Lawrence Vinson "Tony" PANNELL: