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Carnell J "Tobe" BYRD (RIN: 03504), son of Wilbur B BYRD and Callie Mae SKELTON , . He married Margie Lucille MCCLURE 14 November 1951 in Benton, Mississippi, USA. Margie Lucille MCCLURE (RIN: 03505), daughter of James H "Jim" MCCLURE and Irene BOLDEN , .

Children of Carnell J "Tobe" BYRD and Margie Lucille MCCLURE are:
1. Alica Carol BYRD (RIN: 03523) See Artie Darrin EDLIN & Alica Carol BYRD OR Roger LOUPE & Alica Carol BYRD
2. James Darren BYRD (RIN: 03535) See James Darren BYRD & Christina Rena MCLEROY
3. Richard Carnell BYRD (RIN: 03506) See Richard Carnell BYRD & Ruby Clarice GOSSETT