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Lonnie BOLDEN (RIN: 03562), son of Jeston "Dude" BOLDEN and Mary Magdalene "Mag" SKELTON , . He married Wilma Pauline BURCHETTE 09 August 1952 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Wilma Pauline BURCHETTE (RIN: 03563), daughter of Aubrey Thomas BURCHETTE and Ruth Evelyn SKELTON , .

Children of Lonnie BOLDEN and Wilma Pauline BURCHETTE are:
1. Amanda Gayle BOLDEN (RIN: 03561) See Mark Patrick MCMULLEN & Amanda Gayle BOLDEN
2. Gloria Elaine BOLDEN (RIN: 06023) See Jimmy Dale FORTNER & Gloria Elaine BOLDEN
3. Leslie BOLDEN (RIN: 06002) See Leslie BOLDEN & Susan M WILBURN
4. Lonnie Daniel BOLDEN (RIN: 06032) See Lonnie Daniel BOLDEN & Katrina Elaine DYE
5. Roger Earl BOLDEN (RIN: 06027) See Roger Earl BOLDEN & Lisa COX