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John Edward "Jack" BOLDEN (RIN: 03678), son of John William BOLDEN and Callie Mae MCCORD , . He married Vera "Effie Mae" BYRD 29 January 1950 in Benton, Mississippi, USA. Vera "Effie Mae" BYRD (RIN: 03677), daughter of Jack BYRD and Nellie Melvin SKELTON , was born 30 December 1929. She died 05 January 2007 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of John Edward "Jack" BOLDEN and Vera "Effie Mae" BYRD are:
1. Christopher BOLDEN (RIN: 03708) See Christopher BOLDEN & Lisa RHEA
2. Jackie BOLDEN (RIN: 03699)
3. John Edward "Johnny" BOLDEN (RIN: 03685) See John Edward "Johnny" BOLDEN & Betty Ann SHAW OR John Edward "Johnny" BOLDEN & Edna DISMUKE
4. Ronald "Ronnie" BOLDEN (RIN: 03700) See Ronald "Ronnie" BOLDEN & Angela CASSATTA OR Ronald "Ronnie" BOLDEN & Penny GRAHAM
5. Wanda Sue BOLDEN (RIN: 03679) See Jessie STUART & Wanda Sue BOLDEN

Notes for Vera "Effie Mae" BYRD: