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Grover Cleveland Sr ELDER (RIN: 02547), son of Columbus McNeer ELDER and Isadora PERTANDY , was born January 1887 in Union, Mississippi, USA. He married Opal Irene LEE 1911. Opal Irene LEE (RIN: 02553), daughter of LEE and Martha Lou REED , .

Children of Grover Cleveland Sr ELDER and Opal Irene LEE are:
1. Frances ELDER (RIN: 02554)
2. Grover Cleveland Jr ELDER (RIN: 02399)
3. Julia Virginia ELDER (RIN: 02555)
4. Larry Gene ELDER (RIN: 02561)
5. Martha Lou ELDER (RIN: 02560)
6. Mary Lou ELDER (RIN: 02559)
7. Sarah Ann ELDER (RIN: 02557)
8. Tanna Laura ELDER (RIN: 02558)

Other Marriages/Unions for Grover Cleveland Sr ELDER:
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Notes for Grover Cleveland Sr ELDER: