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Grady "Bubba" CREASIE, Jr (RIN: 04022), son of Grady "Jim" Sr CREASIE and Annie Florine SKELTON , . Ruth Ann THOMPSON (RIN: 04023), daughter of Grayson Alonzo THOMPSON and Clara Ivadale "Mink" ALLEN , .

Children of Grady "Bubba" CREASIE, Jr and Ruth Ann THOMPSON are:
1. Chris Dewayne CREASIE (RIN: 04037) See Chris Dewayne CREASIE, Sr & Marjorie Lynn ALLEN
2. Cindy Marie CREASIE (RIN: 04043) See Terry Lee WILSON & Cindy Marie CREASIE OR James GRAY & Cindy Marie CREASIE
3. Virginia Mae "Ginger" CREASIE (RIN: 04024) See Johnny Wayne GRAY, Sr & Virginia Mae "Ginger" CREASIE

Other Marriages/Unions for Grady "Bubba" CREASIE, Jr:
See Grady "Bubba" CREASIE, Jr & Catherine GILL

Other Marriages/Unions for Ruth Ann THOMPSON:
See Danny ROGERS & Ruth Ann THOMPSON