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Wheeler Lee BOLDEN (RIN: 04523), son of John Frank "Johnny" BOLDEN and Mary Edna SKELTON , . He married Josephine "Josie" RHEA July 1918 in Hardeman, Tennessee, USA. He died 09 July 1993 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Josephine "Josie" RHEA (RIN: 04524), daughter of John Mitchell RHEA and Eliza Margaret "Lizzie" CREASIE , . She died 17 September 1959 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Wheeler Lee BOLDEN and Josephine "Josie" RHEA are:
1. Edgar Lee "Bobby" BOLDEN (RIN: 04522), b. 27 July 1919 See Edgar Lee "Bobby" BOLDEN & Addie Mae BYRD
2. George William BOLDEN (RIN: 06609) See George William BOLDEN & Elsie NEWSOM
3. Lilburn BOLDEN (RIN: 06596) See Lilburn BOLDEN & Annie Laura COTHERN
4. Mary Edna BOLDEN (RIN: 05791) See Jack WILSON & Mary Edna BOLDEN
5. Wheeler Lee BOLDEN (RIN: 06636) See Wheeler Lee BOLDEN, Jr & Marjorie Dianne SMITH

Other Marriages/Unions for Wheeler Lee BOLDEN:
See Wheeler Lee BOLDEN & Helen YEAGER

Notes for Wheeler Lee BOLDEN:

Notes for Josephine "Josie" RHEA: