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Enoch W HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04643), son of George Thomas HUNSUCKER and Martha WOOD , was born 30 January 1830 in Moore, North Carolina, USA. He married Molly Druisilla BLOUNT 18 February 1873 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 11 January 1902 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Molly Druisilla BLOUNT (RIN: 04648) was born 27 May 1858 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 20 December 1915 in Oglesby, Coryell, Texas, USA.

Children of Enoch W HUNSUCKER and Molly Druisilla BLOUNT are:
1. Berdie HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04649), b. 1881
2. Brody G Hull HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04651), b. 14 January 1885 See Brody G Hull HUNSUCKER & Ethel Mae SHEPARD
3. John W HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04652), b. 1887
4. Mary L HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04650), b. 1883
5. Maude E HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04654), b. 1894
6. William F HUNSUCKER (RIN: 04653), b. 1889

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