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Joseph SKELTON (RIN: 01518), son of George Calvin SKELTON and Rebecca or Eva YEAGER , was born 1857. He married ELIZA abt. 1862. He died 19 October 1934. ELIZA (RIN: 04669).

Children of Joseph SKELTON and ELIZA are:
1. Culley SKELTON (RIN: 04802), b. abt. 1886
2. Franklin SKELTON (RIN: 04803), b. abt. 1889
3. Sammie SKELTON (RIN: 04804), b. abt. 1891
4. Van B SKELTON (RIN: 04805), b. abt. 1897
5. William SKELTON (RIN: 04801), b. abt. 1883

Other Marriages/Unions for Joseph SKELTON:
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