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Corbett Cimmeon YEAGER, Sr (RIN: 03229), son of George Henry YEAGER and Ida Lee WATKINS , was born 16 February 1905. He died 05 January 1980. Era STREET (RIN: 04739) was born 11 March 1919. She died 09 June 2000.

Children of Corbett Cimmeon YEAGER, Sr and Era STREET are:
1. Corbett Cimmeon YEAGER (RIN: 04762), b. 17 August 1938 See Corbett Cimmeon YEAGER, Jr & Sadie OWENS
2. Ida George "Jean" YEAGER (RIN: 07466) See Ray MOTLEY & Ida George "Jean" YEAGER
3. Janie YEAGER (RIN: 04176) See Billy Joe BREEDLOVE, Sr & Janie YEAGER
4. Jo Ann YEAGER (RIN: 06809) See Jimmy Dale BREEDLOVE & Jo Ann YEAGER

Notes for Corbett Cimmeon YEAGER, Sr:

Notes for Era STREET: