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John Frank GUYTON (RIN: 04819), son of Joseph Judson GUYTON and Callie D HOYLE , was born 21 September 1882 in Tippah, Mississippi, USA. He married Bessie E BYRD 1906. He died 19 April 1946 in Tippah, Mississippi, USA. Bessie E BYRD (RIN: 04817), daughter of James P BYRD and Sallie L KANE , was born April 1888.

Children of John Frank GUYTON and Bessie E BYRD are:
1. Annette GUYTON (RIN: 04822), b. abt. 1914
2. David Hudson GUYTON (RIN: 04823), b. abt. 1917
3. Joe Byrd GUYTON (RIN: 04820), b. 25 September 1906 See Joe Byrd GUYTON & HUMPHREY
4. Juanita H GUYTON (RIN: 04821), b. abt. 1909

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