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John David "Johnny" WALKER (RIN: 05206). He died 14 December 1995 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA. Margaret YEAGER (RIN: 05203), daughter of Jimmy Knox YEAGER and Alene WHITEHEAD , .

Children of John David "Johnny" WALKER and Margaret YEAGER are:
1. Bonnie Sue WALKER (RIN: 06347) See Bobby MCQUEEN & Bonnie Sue WALKER
2. Debbie WALKER (RIN: 06346)
3. Jeff WALKER (RIN: 06356)
4. Johnny WALKER (RIN: 06355)
5. Tammy WALKER (RIN: 06357)
6. Theresa WALKER (RIN: 05205) See Adolphus Eugene "Curley" BOLDEN & Theresa WALKER OR Mike DEVORE & Theresa WALKER

Other Marriages/Unions for Margaret YEAGER:
See Sidney Howard "Whitey" BOLDEN & Margaret YEAGER

Notes for John David "Johnny" WALKER: