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James D WALL (RIN: 02757) was born 22 September 1861 in Mississippi, USA. He married Jennie L ARNOLD 31 January 1883 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA. He died 28 July 1934 in Union, Mississippi, USA. Jennie L ARNOLD (RIN: 02756), daughter of Charles H ARNOLD and Margaret Jane GAMMEL , was born 20 December 1864 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA. She died 25 October 1941 in Union, Mississippi, USA.

Children of James D WALL and Jennie L ARNOLD are:
1. Clarence WALL (RIN: 02760), b. 01 August 1893
2. James Clifton WALL (RIN: 02758), b. 20 December 1888 See James Clifton WALL & Dora RUCKER
3. Lucille WALL (RIN: 02763), b. August 1897
4. William Leonard WALL (RIN: 02761), b. 25 August 1894

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