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Horace Giles HURDLE (RIN: 05709). He married Viola WILSON 1937. He died 31 October 1987. Viola WILSON (RIN: 05708), daughter of Robert WILSON and Barbara BREEDLOVE , .

Children of Horace Giles HURDLE and Viola WILSON are:
1. Bonnie HURDLE (RIN: 05724) See Dan BYNUM & Bonnie HURDLE
2. Helen HURDLE (RIN: 05733) See James Samuel MASON & Helen HURDLE
3. James Edwin HURDLE (RIN: 05718) See James Edwin HURDLE & Carol SMITH
4. Robert Harold HURDLE (RIN: 05710) See Robert Harold HURDLE, Sr & Scarlett ELLINGTON

Notes for Horace Giles HURDLE: