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Samuel M "Buddy" MORGAN (RIN: 05810), son of Solomon W "Monroe" MORGAN and Lena Gertude ALLEN , . He married Annie L YEAGER 02 May 1949. He died 13 December 1991. Annie L YEAGER (RIN: 05811), daughter of Thomas Lorene YEAGER and Bertha Mae TICE , . She died 07 May 2006 in Como, Panola, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Samuel M "Buddy" MORGAN and Annie L YEAGER are:
1. Carolyn MORGAN (RIN: 06207) See Norman Kent WILSON & Carolyn MORGAN OR Joe SAVAGE & Carolyn MORGAN
2. Mona MORGAN (RIN: 05809) See Randy WILSON & Mona MORGAN OR WARREN & Mona MORGAN
3. Sylvia MORGAN (RIN: 06401) See Johnny Clay HAILEY & Sylvia MORGAN

Notes for Samuel M "Buddy" MORGAN:

Notes for Annie L YEAGER: