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Eugene Loveless HORTON (RIN: 02782), son of David Asbury HORTON and Mary Ann GAMMEL , was born September 1859 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA. He married Jennie WALL 1893 in Arkansas, USA. He died 1937 in St Francis, Arkansas, USA. Jennie WALL (RIN: 02783) was born August 1874 in Arkansas, USA. She died 1959 in St Francis, Arkansas, USA.

Children of Eugene Loveless HORTON and Jennie WALL are:
1. Carl David HORTON (RIN: 02799), b. 1916 See Carl David HORTON & Stella MORRIS
2. Dennis Walter HORTON (RIN: 02793), b. 1906 See Dennis Walter HORTON & Marion Isabella MCLEOD OR Dennis Walter HORTON & Margaret Louise RAUSHER
3. Eugene Earl HORTON (RIN: 02787), b. 19 September 1895 See Eugene Earl HORTON & Dora Dee ARMSTRONG
4. Jeff Davis HORTON (RIN: 02792), b. 1904
5. Kenner Leonard HORTON (RIN: 02789), b. 1899
6. Lee Baxter HORTON (RIN: 02784), b. 03 November 1893 See Lee Baxter HORTON & Della ISLARD
7. Lora Ophelia HORTON (RIN: 02790), b. 1901 See David Jr SEAY & Lora Ophelia HORTON
8. Louis Asbury HORTON (RIN: 02797), b. 1908
9. Mildred Inez HORTON (RIN: 02798), b. 1912

Other Marriages/Unions for Eugene Loveless HORTON:
See Eugene Loveless HORTON & Mary SHEPARD

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