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James Thomas WILSON (RIN: 06218), son of Peter Franklin WILSON and Ida L YEAGER , . He died 06 April 1986. Floy GARDNER (RIN: 06219), daughter of C. D. Gibbon GARDNER and Viola "Marie" NICHOLSON , . She died 19 December 2008 in Southaven, De Soto, Mississippi, USA.

Children of James Thomas WILSON and Floy GARDNER are:
1. Bonnie WILSON (RIN: 06228) See Robert MCCLURE & Bonnie WILSON
2. Elizabeth "Ann" WILSON (RIN: 06222) See Ronald LOLLAR & Elizabeth "Ann" WILSON OR WESTMORELAND & Elizabeth "Ann" WILSON
3. Phyllis WILSON (RIN: 06230) See Joel Edward CATLEDGE, Jr & Phyllis WILSON OR GARDNER & Phyllis WILSON

Notes for James Thomas WILSON:

Notes for Floy GARDNER: