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Charles W WATKINS, Sr (RIN: 07145), son of Lee Roy WATKINS and Lillie Mae ISBELL , . Mary FEATHERS (RIN: 07146), daughter of William Henry FEATHERS and Lucille REDD , . She died 24 October 2003 in Fayette, Tennessee, USA.

Children of Charles W WATKINS, Sr and Mary FEATHERS are:
1. Ann WATKINS (RIN: 07165) See Robert Eugene SKELTON & Ann WATKINS
2. Brenda WATKINS (RIN: 07149) See HUEY & Brenda WATKINS
3. Charles W "Mickey" WATKINS (RIN: 07152)
4. Jo WATKINS (RIN: 07151)
5. Joyce Lorraine WATKINS (RIN: 07153) See Buddy EARNEST & Joyce Lorraine WATKINS OR William Alfred TICE, Sr & Joyce Lorraine WATKINS

Notes for Mary FEATHERS: