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Chester "Chaney" HURDLE (RIN: 07295), son of I. J. HURDLE and Vera ROGERS , . Vivian Bernice "Teanie" VALENTINE (RIN: 07294), daughter of George Clifton "Bum" VALENTINE and Katherine Mae "Katie" YEAGER , .

Children of Chester "Chaney" HURDLE and Vivian Bernice "Teanie" VALENTINE are:
1. Becky HURDLE (RIN: 07316) See Mike CINNINGHAM & Becky HURDLE
2. Roger HURDLE (RIN: 07318) See Roger HURDLE & Patricia JOYNER
3. Shanley Steve HURDLE (RIN: 07296), b. 28 March 1942 See Shanley Steve HURDLE & Gaylon JOYNER
4. Walker HURDLE (RIN: 07322)