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Howard R CARPENTER (RIN: 07325), son of Walter G CARPENTER and Katie A , . Hazel VALENTINE (RIN: 07324), daughter of George Clifton "Bum" VALENTINE and Katherine Mae "Katie" YEAGER , .

Children of Howard R CARPENTER and Hazel VALENTINE are:
1. George CARPENTER (RIN: 07335) See George CARPENTER & Carolyn SHARP
2. Howard Reade "Buzzy" CARPENTER (RIN: 07343) See Howard Reade "Buzzy" CARPENTER & Ellen BOONE
3. Michelle CARPENTER (RIN: 07337) See Greg ALLEN & Michelle CARPENTER
4. Ronnie CARPENTER (RIN: 07328) See Ronnie CARPENTER & Vicki BARKLEY
5. Vickie CARPENTER (RIN: 07341) See Tommy ROGERS & Vickie CARPENTER