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Lonnie Earnest YEAGER, Jr (RIN: 07377), son of Lonnie Earnest "Jake" YEAGER and Louise MALONE , . He married Mary Gwydalyn LAIN 01 June 1956 in Fayette, Tennessee, USA. Mary Gwydalyn LAIN (RIN: 07378).

Children of Lonnie Earnest YEAGER, Jr and Mary Gwydalyn LAIN are:
1. Daphne Annette YEAGER (RIN: 07379) See T J PITTMAN & Daphne Annette YEAGER OR Barry Dale MILHORN & Daphne Annette YEAGER OR James Farris "Jim" DAVIDSON & Daphne Annette YEAGER
2. Joseph Lynn YEAGER (RIN: 07403) See Joseph Lynn YEAGER & Mary Patricia BOLEN
3. Loretta Sue YEAGER (RIN: 07388) See Carl MCCLURE, Jr & Loretta Sue YEAGER OR Kenny BOBBITT & Loretta Sue YEAGER
4. Louise Malone YEAGER (RIN: 07399) See J W "Jake" ALLEN & Louise Malone YEAGER