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JR Claude Henry YEAGER, Jr (RIN: 02817), son of Claude Henry YEAGER and Edythe Mildred SIDES , was born 30 May 1938. He married Ilene NELSON 31 October 1959. Ilene NELSON (RIN: 07448).

Children of JR Claude Henry YEAGER, Jr and Ilene NELSON are:
1. Cindy Ruth YEAGER (RIN: 07454)
2. Claude Elliston YEAGER (RIN: 07449) See Claude Elliston YEAGER & Jill WILSON
3. John Daniel YEAGER (RIN: 07455)
4. Peggy I YEAGER (RIN: 07451) See Mike SMITH & Peggy I YEAGER
5. William Miles YEAGER (RIN: 07453)

Notes for JR Claude Henry YEAGER, Jr: