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Bascom Carroll "Bud" YEAGER, Jr (RIN: 07493), son of Bascom Carroll YEAGER and Mary Ester NEWTON , . He married Marilyn Lynn HARVEY 27 June 1965 in Fayette, Tennessee, USA. Marilyn Lynn HARVEY (RIN: 07494), daughter of William Earl HARVEY and Margaret LEATHERWOOD , .

Children of Bascom Carroll "Bud" YEAGER, Jr and Marilyn Lynn HARVEY are:
1. Amy Lanelle YEAGER (RIN: 07497) See Austin Ellis JOYNER & Amy Lanelle YEAGER
2. Bascom Carroll "Trey" YEAGER (RIN: 07503) See Bascom Carroll "Trey" YEAGER, III & Nicole Mae LEWIS
3. Melissa Gale YEAGER (RIN: 07500) See Mohammed Nadar MANSOUR & Melissa Gale YEAGER