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Floyd MCCLURE, Sr (RIN: 07672), son of Floyd W "Barlow" MCCLURE and Leona H HOLMES , . He died 17 May 1986. Corda Fay DYER (RIN: 07671), daughter of Wilburn B DYER and Pearl MILLER , .

Children of Floyd MCCLURE, Sr and Corda Fay DYER are:
1. Betsy MCCLURE (RIN: 07684)
2. Floyd MCCLURE (RIN: 07681)
3. Judy Katherine MCCLURE (RIN: 03766) See James Dalton MAXWELL & Judy Katherine MCCLURE OR Leslie Bruce CAMPBELL & Judy Katherine MCCLURE
4. Linda MCCLURE (RIN: 07682) See James Edward "Eddie" WHITE & Linda MCCLURE
5. Sheila MCCLURE (RIN: 07685)

Notes for Floyd MCCLURE, Sr: