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James Hardie WATKINS (RIN: 00215), son of William Bradley WATKINS and Stacy Lavada KNOWLES , was born 12 February 1922 in Van Zandt, Texas, USA. Ruby Lelia STANBURY (RIN: 00216).

Children of James Hardie WATKINS and Ruby Lelia STANBURY are:
1. Annie Clifton WATKINS (RIN: 00227)
2. Betty Lee WATKINS (RIN: 00228) See Clarence Duvall MCLEMORE & Betty Lee WATKINS
3. Janet Kay WATKINS (RIN: 00217) See Marvin Benford WLOVERSON & Janet Kay WATKINS
4. Ricky Lee WATKINS (RIN: 00221) See Ricky Lee WATKINS & Susan LOGGINS OR Ricky Lee WATKINS & Sandy Carpenter CARTER OR Ricky Lee WATKINS & Claudia WALSTROM
5. William Baker WATKINS (RIN: 00230) See William Baker WATKINS & Mary Ruth

Notes for James Hardie WATKINS: