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Francis Madison COLE (RIN: 00295), son of John William COLE and Nancy GRAVES , . He married Delilah Adaline "Della" ELLIS 12 December 1855 in Lincoln, Tennessee, USA. Delilah Adaline "Della" ELLIS (RIN: 00304) was born 18 April 1832 in Lincoln, Tennessee, USA. She died 1916 in Newton, Missouri, USA.

Children of Francis Madison COLE and Delilah Adaline "Della" ELLIS are:
1. Joseph COLE (RIN: 00306), b. 1861
2. Madison COLE (RIN: 00308), b. 1863
3. Malikiah COLE (RIN: 00307), b. 1862
4. Mary E COLE (RIN: 00312)
5. Nancy COLE (RIN: 00309), b. 1864
6. Sally COLE (RIN: 00311)
7. Stephen COLE (RIN: 00305), b. 1857
8. Welsey COLE (RIN: 00310)

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