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Henry WATKINS (RIN: 00365), son of Thomas WATKINS and Elizabeth "Betsy" WEEKS , was born 24 February 1826 in North Carolina, USA. Francis A  (RIN: 00366).

Children of Henry WATKINS and Francis A are:
1. Charles W WATKINS (RIN: 00372), b. 1858
2. Eliza J WATKINS (RIN: 00367), b. 1851
3. Elizabeth WATKINS (RIN: 00373), b. 1859
4. James P WATKINS (RIN: 00371), b. 1856
5. John Henry WATKINS (RIN: 00370), b. September 2010
6. Priestly WATKINS (RIN: 00368), b. 1853

Notes for Henry WATKINS:

Notes for Charles W WATKINS:

Notes for Eliza J WATKINS:

Notes for Elizabeth WATKINS:

Notes for James P WATKINS:

Notes for John Henry WATKINS:

Notes for Priestly WATKINS: