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Jacob Outlaw HURDLE (RIN: 00460), son of Hardy Jr HURDLE and Christian OUTLAW , was born 04 April 1808 in Orange, North Carolina, USA. He married Laura Euncie BOSWELL 27 September 1836 in Caswell, North Carolina, USA. He died 07 February 1855 in Alamance, North Carolina, USA. Laura Euncie BOSWELL (RIN: 00461), daughter of John BOSWELL and Catherine "Kitty" SIMPSON , was born 22 June 1819 in Caswell, North Carolina, USA. She died 16 May 1873 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Jacob Outlaw HURDLE and Laura Euncie BOSWELL are:
1. James Burt D HURDLE (RIN: 00541), b. 17 February 1847 See James Burt D HURDLE & Laura Armstead MCALEZANDER
2. John Hardy HURDLE (RIN: 00463), b. 06 February 1843 See John Hardy HURDLE & Margaret I WATKINS OR John Hardy HURDLE & Martha I GREEN
3. Jospeh Simpson Pierce HURDLE (RIN: 00545), b. 25 July 1853 See Jospeh Simpson Pierce HURDLE & Nancy J BANKHEAD
4. Margaret Ann HURDLE (RIN: 00539), b. 16 December 1844 See James Frances VALETINE & Margaret Ann HURDLE
5. Mary Catherine HURDLE (RIN: 00537), b. 18 January 1838
6. Sarah Susan HURDLE (RIN: 00538), b. 06 August 1839
7. Thomas H HURDLE (RIN: 00459) See Thomas H HURDLE & Frances Elizabeth WATKINS
8. William Jacob HURDLE (RIN: 00510), b. 03 January 1849 See William Jacob HURDLE & Lula HURDLE OR William Jacob HURDLE & Addie D OR William Jacob HURDLE & Mary Ann GAYLOR

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