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James Iverson BOSWELL (RIN: 00477), son of John BOSWELL and Catherine "Kitty" SIMPSON , was born 10 December 1808 in Caswell, North Carolina, USA. He died 08 November 1878 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Elizabeth Eliza ISBELL (RIN: 00478) was born 16 August 1839 in Tennessee, USA. She died 26 November 1925 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of James Iverson BOSWELL and Elizabeth Eliza ISBELL are:
1. Anna Keyes BOSWELL (RIN: 00484), b. 20 June 1865
2. Henry Myers BOSWELL (RIN: 00485), b. May 1877 See Henry Myers BOSWELL & Lottie E JOHNSON
3. Jesse Bruce BOSWELL (RIN: 00476), b. 31 October 1871 See Jesse Bruce BOSWELL & Frances Ida HURDLE
4. Levi Cummins BOSWELL (RIN: 00482) See Levi Cummins BOSWELL & Willie CUNNINGHAM
5. Walter Malachi BOSWELL (RIN: 00479), b. 20 March 1870 See Walter Malachi BOSWELL & Mamie K THOMAS

Other Marriages/Unions for James Iverson BOSWELL:
See James Iverson BOSWELL & Mary G BROOKS OR James Iverson BOSWELL & Jane A LOCKHART OR James Iverson BOSWELL & Celonia Elizabeth CHENAULT

Notes for James Iverson BOSWELL:

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