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Michael Keith MINOR (RIN: 00435) was born 09 February 1958. He married Candidus Lain HUNSUCKER 15 September 1990. Candidus Lain HUNSUCKER (RIN: 00413), daughter of Rocky Lain HUNSUCKER and Peggy Elizabeth TODD , was born 04 June 1968.

Children of Michael Keith MINOR and Candidus Lain HUNSUCKER are:
1. Benjamin Keith MINOR (RIN: 00424), b. 10 December 1994
2. Valerie Layne MINOR (RIN: 00447), b. 08 July 1992

Other Marriages/Unions for Candidus Lain HUNSUCKER:
See Joe Daniel MCCURDY & Candidus Lain HUNSUCKER

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