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Albert Lane MD MAJURE (RIN: 00781) was born 19 February 1892. He died 12 February 1965. Videa Leotar WATKINS (RIN: 00778), daughter of Anderson Wilson WATKINS and Margaret Elizabeth HUDSON , was born 10 January 1895 in Neshoba, Mississippi, USA. She died 12 December 1941.

Children of Albert Lane MD MAJURE and Videa Leotar WATKINS are:
1. Leonard Foch MAJURE (RIN: 00782), b. 31 October 1918
2. Son MAJURE (RIN: 00784)
3. Zula MAJURE (RIN: 00783)

Notes for Albert Lane MD MAJURE:

Notes for Videa Leotar WATKINS:

Notes for Leonard Foch MAJURE: