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Forest Warner BYRD (RIN: 00835), son of Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD and Lottie Bell SKELTON , was born 28 November 1926. He died 12 January 1983. Susie ALLEN (RIN: 00846), daughter of James Prince ALLEN and Maggie L "Coot" WATKINS , was born 1938 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Forest Warner BYRD and Susie ALLEN are:
1. Jimmy Forrest BYRD (RIN: 00857), b. 11 November 1955
2. Michael Wayne BYRD (RIN: 00868) See Michael Wayne BYRD & Patricia Gail SKELTON OR Michael Wayne BYRD & Holley HOLBROOK OR Michael Wayne BYRD & Mary Frances ROLAND
3. Ray Allen BYRD (RIN: 00879) See Ray Allen BYRD & Mary Janet GULLICK

Notes for Forest Warner BYRD:

Notes for Susie ALLEN:

Notes for Jimmy Forrest BYRD: