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John MCCLURE (RIN: 00893) was born 30 November 1911. He died 25 May 1984. Laura May RIGSBY (RIN: 00892), daughter of Emmett RIGSBY and Florence Dolly WILSON , was born 04 May 1912 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 28 May 1997 in Moscow, Fayette, Tennessee, USA.

Children of John MCCLURE and Laura May RIGSBY are:
1. Katie MCCLURE (RIN: 04619) See Walter BYRD & Katie MCCLURE
2. Lanell "Nell" MCCLURE (RIN: 00929), b. 16 December 1950 See Danny RHEA & Lanell "Nell" MCCLURE

Notes for John MCCLURE:

Notes for Laura May RIGSBY: