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Rev Louis Welton BYRD (RIN: 00891), son of Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD and Lottie Bell SKELTON , was born 02 August 1935. He married Shirley Jean GAMMEL 02 November 1957 in Benton, Mississippi, USA. He died 11 May 1992. Shirley Jean GAMMEL (RIN: 00946), daughter of John Hillia GAMMEL and Euphie Mae HOUSTON , was born 26 April 1942.

Children of Rev Louis Welton BYRD and Shirley Jean GAMMEL are:
1. Brosha BYRD (RIN: 00957) See Kevin CROFFORD & Brosha BYRD
2. Joannie BYRD (RIN: 00902) See Ricky Alan TACKER & Joannie BYRD

Notes for Rev Louis Welton BYRD:

Notes for Shirley Jean GAMMEL: