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James Leonard BYRD (RIN: 00931), son of Jessie BYRD and Elizabeth "Lizzie" SKELTON , was born 29 May 1918 in Moscow, Fayette, Tennessee, USA. He married Mamie "Polly" ALLEN 16 May 1937 in Slayden, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 13 May 1978 in Benton, Mississippi, USA. Mamie "Polly" ALLEN (RIN: 00930), daughter of William Lee "Bud" ALLEN and Annie Rachel FEATHERS , was born 24 March 1917 in Lamar, Benton, Mississippi, USA.

Children of James Leonard BYRD and Mamie "Polly" ALLEN are:
1. Bobby Lewis BYRD (RIN: 04482) See Bobby Lewis BYRD & Chloe Rebecca ROBUCK
2. Connie Ruth BYRD (RIN: 01066) See J W SKELTON & Connie Ruth BYRD
3. James Larry BYRD (RIN: 04474) See James Larry BYRD & Kathleen "Kathy" BERKEY
4. Lowrance BYRD (RIN: 03548) See Lowrance BYRD & Virginia Dianne "Polly" ALLEN
5. Sarah Elaine BYRD (RIN: 04494) See Bennie Monroe HICKS & Sarah Elaine BYRD
6. William Allen BYRD (RIN: 04451) See William Allen BYRD & Patty Lois CLIFTON OR William Allen BYRD & Mary Jewel BEAVERS

Notes for James Leonard BYRD:

Notes for Mamie "Polly" ALLEN: