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John Everette SKELTON (RIN: 00937), son of James David "Little Dave" SKELTON and Lizzie Mae OWENS , was born 05 February 1921. He married Clarice Burnette "Sally" ALLEN 02 November 1939 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 22 September 1983 in Clear Creek Cemetery, Slayden MS. Clarice Burnette "Sally" ALLEN (RIN: 00936), daughter of William Lee "Bud" ALLEN and Annie Rachel FEATHERS , was born 18 April 1921. She died 13 September 1991.

Children of John Everette SKELTON and Clarice Burnette "Sally" ALLEN are:
1. Charles Estes SKELTON (RIN: 05141) See Charles Estes SKELTON & Carol Jean JORDAN OR Charles Estes SKELTON & Lillie Rose BROWN
2. Donnie Ann SKELTON (RIN: 05154) See James Henry DAWSON & Donnie Ann SKELTON
3. Sadie Mae SKELTON (RIN: 05130) See Emmit JARRETT & Sadie Mae SKELTON
4. Sidney "Bosie" SKELTON (RIN: 05157) See Sidney "Bosie" SKELTON & Bonnie Katherine ALLEN

Notes for John Everette SKELTON:

Notes for Clarice Burnette "Sally" ALLEN: