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James Robert SKELTON (RIN: 01036), son of James David "Big Dave" SKELTON and Sarah Alice FEATHERS , was born 18 October 1892. He died 18 May 1971. Jessie Lena "Jess" RHEA (RIN: 01037), daughter of John Mitchell RHEA and Eliza Margaret "Lizzie" CREASIE , was born 11 January 1900. She died 15 August 1963.

Children of James Robert SKELTON and Jessie Lena "Jess" RHEA are:
1. Herbert Dean SKELTON (RIN: 01038), b. abt. 1917 See Herbert Dean SKELTON & Thelma BRADLEY OR Herbert Dean SKELTON & Hazel WILLIAMS
2. James Elton SKELTON (RIN: 04554), b. abt. 1918 See James Elton SKELTON & Eva WILLIAMS
3. John Howard SKELTON (RIN: 01042), b. abt. 1924 See John Howard SKELTON, Sr & Hazel Estelle RAINER
4. Robert "Jack" SKELTON (RIN: 01044), b. abt. 1928 See Robert "Jack" SKELTON & Betty GARDNER OR Robert "Jack" SKELTON & Joan BILLINGSLY
5. Sally "Elsie" SKELTON (RIN: 01043), b. abt. 1925 See Thomas JOHNSON & Sally "Elsie" SKELTON OR Robert A BEAN & Sally "Elsie" SKELTON
6. Sam SKELTON (RIN: 01041), b. abt. 1923
7. Vennie Lucille SKELTON (RIN: 01040), b. abt. 1920 See W O GREER & Vennie Lucille SKELTON

Notes for James Robert SKELTON:

Notes for Jessie Lena "Jess" RHEA:

Notes for Sam SKELTON: