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Lois Boone FORREST (RIN: 01123), son of Theron Jack FORREST and Mona GOFORTH , was born 1930. He married Rudell SKELTON 10 December 1949. He died April 1995. Rudell SKELTON (RIN: 01095), daughter of William Oliver SKELTON and Martha Belle FEATHERS , was born 26 February 1923 in Slayden, Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Lois Boone FORREST and Rudell SKELTON are:
1. Daniel Ray FORREST (RIN: 01126), b. 18 December 1951
2. David Wayne FORREST (RIN: 01127), b. 13 February 1964
3. Robert Michael FORREST (RIN: 01124), b. 06 October 1950 See Robert Michael FORREST & Donna HERRON

Other Marriages/Unions for Rudell SKELTON:
See Steven James WESSEL & Rudell SKELTON

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