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Bobby Eugene GAMMEL (RIN: 01202), son of John Hillia GAMMEL and Euphie Mae HOUSTON , was born 21 May 1935. Connie Ruth BYRD (RIN: 01191), daughter of Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD and Lottie Bell SKELTON , was born 16 March 1939.

Children of Bobby Eugene GAMMEL and Connie Ruth BYRD are:
1. Billy Wayne GAMMEL (RIN: 01291), b. 08 June 1966 See Billy Wayne GAMMEL & Pam Nell JOHNSON
2. Bobby Joe GAMMEL (RIN: 01258), b. 30 December 1958 See Bobby Joe GAMMEL & Cindy
3. Gary Eugene GAMMEL (RIN: 01213), b. 26 April 1961 See Gary Eugene GAMMEL & Sandy

Notes for Bobby Eugene GAMMEL:

Notes for Connie Ruth BYRD: